No Michanika, but Anika solo

We regret to inform you that the premiere of Michanika, the collaboration between Michael Rother and Anika during our festival, sadly has to be cancelled.

Anika in her own words:

Due to time constraints and pressing individual artistic commitments, our collaborative project ‘Michanika’ must be put on hold for the foreseeable future and all performances of ‘Michanika’ are cancelled. Furthermore, there will be no Anika cameo performances on the forthcoming Michael Rother tour to Spain and Portugal.
Many thanks for understanding!

Anika will perform a solo show instead. Pop-Kultur is currently working with her on turning this concert into a special and exclusive performance. Date and time will be the same: August 27, Berghain – joining a bill with MssingNo, Kiasmos and The Juan McLean among others. Our complete festival programme can be found here. Please, stay tuned!