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Kiasmos (IS) / The Juan MacLean (US) / Anika & T.Raumschmiere (UK/DE) / Evvol (AU/IE) / Naytronix (US) / Tempers (US) / Vogue Dots (CA) / Normal Echo (PL) / Juan MacLean (US) (DJ-Set) / Daniel Miller (UK) (DJ-Set) / Kane West (UK)

Kiasmos / 23 – 00.00 / Berghain

One can tell how relaxed Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen are about their new baby by looking at how long they took to make it. They spent five whole years working on their first joint album before it was released on Erased Tapes in 2014. Arnalds, award winning and internationally praised »innovator« of classical music and Rasmussen, frontman of the pop-band Bloodgroup, have their studios at the same house in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. Whenever their schedules allowed it, they tried out Arnalds constantly growing synthesizer-park. The result is a techno-narrative full of textures, that couldn’t even be expected from two talents like these.

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The Juan MacLean / 22.00 – 22.40 / Berghain
German premiere

James Murphy might have retired from LCD Soundsystem, but DFA Records lives on! Thanks to the likes of Juan MacLean. In the 90’s Murphy used to be MacLean’s sound engineer, long before the latter made whole clubs sweat with his cool and elegant disco sound. Today, we have witnessed copious singles, remixes and three TJM-albums, that taught the world how to dance. Of late the versatile MacLean is supported, on stage and in the studio, by another DFA-great: Nancy Whang.

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Photo: Bob Flowers

Anika & T.Raumschmiere / 21.00 – 21.40 / Berghain
World premiere

She is the smart all-rounder, who as a musician does without her last name as well as an »N«, makes the music people call »Krautrock« do a ghost dance with dub, and has not only Stones Throw Records and Geoff Barrow’s Invada Records at her feet. He is a legendary electro punk performer and boss of Shitkatapult records, which makes him one of the most bustling figures of Berlin’s music scene over the years. Annika Henderson alias Anika and Marco Haas, better known as T.Raumschmiere, share a common tendency towards navel-gazing and warm hypnotic beats to lose your mind to. After collaborating for Haas’ new album the two will perform together for the first time live at »Pop-Kultur«.

Please note: The previously announced collaboration between Anika and Michael Rother sadly had to be cancelled.

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Evvol / 20.00 – 20.40 / Berghain

Love took a detour: Evvol are Julie Chance from Ireland and Jon Dark from Australia. They met in Paris and are currently based in Berlin. They became known as Kool Thing and now continue their musical shadow play on their second album »Eternalism«. You can feel the tension in their minimalist builds. Their voices breathe right through them and lure you into the night. The international music press – from the Guardian, to Fader and SPEX – is already hooked.

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Juan MacLean (DJ-Set) / 03.00 – 04.20 / Panorama Bar

Minus »The«, Juan MacLean is going to play some records after his bands Berghain-gig. The former hardcore-guitar-player is a brilliant house DJ. His timeless mix for the acclaimed »DJ-Kicks«-Series is proof of that. He brings us grand final of the second »Pop-Kultur«-Day.

Daniel Miller / 01.40 – 03.00 / Panorama Bar

Depeche Mode, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yazoo, Goldfrapp, Erasure, Moby, Fad Gadget, Richie Hawtin… It’s a sheer endless list of names that compile the many acts Daniel Miller and his label Mute brought into the music world since 1978, and thus made it a better place. Currently we can find acts such as Apparat, Arca and Zola Jesus in the Mute roster. Evidently, Miller has a lot to say and does so in a highly entertaining manner. Since he was brought back to the turntables five years ago, by Sandwell District, he gave the Berghain a couple of memorable sets. »Pop-Kultur« marks his greatly anticipated debut in the Panorama Bar.

Kane West / 00.20 – 01.40 / Panorama Bar

No, we didn’t forget the »Y«. Kane West is really called Kane West. That also clarifies who’s got the best stage name in the program – Ah, what the heck: in the whole season. The London based producer and DJ is part of the PC Music-clique, that is currently showering the pop world with digital cuteness and ecstatic keyed up plastic-hyper-trance beats. You do notice: It’s hard to put into words. On Kane West’s new album though, insertions of house, electro and UK funky provide a certain traction. Let’s say: the result is the audio equivalent to a rainbow stroboscope.

Naytronix / 23.40 – 00.20
German premiere

What’s to be expected from someone who supports Merril Garbus and her insane project Tune-Yards with his profound abilities on the bass? Someone who lives in the – not really – blessed city of Oakland? Well, definitely no coffee house music. When he’s solo, Nate Brenner is on the rise as Naytronix – and soon on tour with new material. Until then, apply the following message derived from Naytronix’ dry-psychedelic-swing-funk-record »What Have You Done For Me Lately«: Don’t ask what Naytronix can do for you! Ask, what you can do for Naytronix!

Tempers / 22.40 – 23.20
German premiere

The mighty Swans once sang: »Killing for Company«. Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Copper found each other and didn’t even have to kill for it. Under the alias Tempers, the two New Yorkers not only cover aforementioned song. Following its tradition, they deliver one dark wave jewel after the other. You’d be wise do keep the number of the »Hell Hotline« on speed dial. In 2015 they delve into new adventures on aufnahme + wiedergabe. Additionally they will enjoy the Berlin summer for the first time.

Vogue Dots / 21.40 – 22.20

»Get down with yr sad self« (sic) – sometimes Facebook-biographies tell the whole story. Winters in Halifax on the Canadian Atlantic coast are rough and cold, very cold. Maybe that is the reason for the sweet melancholia pulling through all the songs of Tynan Dunfield and Babette Hayward. And it might also explain why for the first months of working together they only communicated via email, before finally recording their demos together. The Vogue Dots’ music nestles around your shoulders like a comfy coat and only the synthetic label reminds you not to feel too safe when Vogue Dots play their first ever show in Germany. The next Canadian export hit!

Normal Echo / 20.40 – 21.20
World premiere

Normal Echo? Normal minimalism! Dawid Szczesny recorded his new album »Accidental Forever« almost only by using a Korg M1, basically the fundament of 80’s-synth-pop. Stranded in Berlin for five years now, the Polish electronic experimental musician releases his second solo album to follow up the two records he created with his former cold wave-outfit Niwea. »Accidental Forever« is bathed in sundown-patina and will be published on the Berlin based label Mansions and Millions. The »Pop-Kultur«-audience will witness the live premiere of the album.