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Sebastian Schipper / 00.00 – 01.00

Rarely in the recent past the beauty and the drama of this city has been captured as vividly as Sebastian Schipper’s newest movie. »Victoria«, the story of a ecstatic night in Berlin fatally getting out of control, was shot in just one long take. No less than six German Film Awards Schipper and his team received for their work. At Pop-Kultur, the director and actor will now take his work into a new dimension under the title »I don’t want to die«. He will show an one-hour long extract from the movie with no sound but his live commentary, while he let’s new, alternative music become the live soundtrack. Together with the audience and members of his film team, who Schipper will call from on stage, he will get to the bottom of the relationship between image and sound.

This talk will be held in German.

Deichkind with Björn Beneditz in action
Photo: Henning Besser

Tobias Jundt   Photo: Gian Losinger

Roger Behrens

Björn Beneditz, Roger Behrens & Tobias Jundt / 23.00 – 00.00

There’s a question that especially unfolds at festivals: The concert – a perpetually repeating ritual or a thrilling world of experience? Deichkind and Bonaparte have always belonged to the kind of bands, that not only perform their music, but create a colorful spectacle around it. For Deichkind, the person responsible for those extravagant shows is spatial- and media artist Björn Beneditz, functioning as the band’s artistic consultant. Beer-teats, LED-tetrahedron-hats and a dinghy make every Deichkind concert much more exciting than any Olympic opening ceremony. The same could be said for the fantastic traveling circus, that Tobias Jundt of Bonaparte heads as the sympathetic dictator. With Roger Behrens, critical pop-culture and social theorist as well as co-editor of »Testcard«, Beneditz and Jundt talk about live music, art and spectacle.

The talk will be held in German.