#new: Anika & T.Raumschmiere, Kane West, Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs

T.Raumschmiere by Souenellen
T.Raumschmiere, Photo: Souenellen

A few updates on the line-up for our first ever Pop-Kultur edition: MssingNo sadly had to cancel, but Kane West and T.Raumschmiere – the latter as Anika’s partner in crime – have been added to the bill in return. Furthermore, we’ve launched a new online platform featuring the 150 selected participants of »Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs«. But one thing at a time.

We regret to inform you that MssingNo can’t play his live set at Pop-Kultur. But the Thursday module at Berghain and Panorama Bar he used to be part of got some special additions. Marco Haas alias T.Raumschmiere will perform with Anika. Haas is a legendary electro punk performer and boss of Shitkatapult records, which makes him one of the most bustling figures of Berlin’s music scene over the years. With Anika he shares a common tendency towards navel-gazing and warm hypnotic beats to lose your mind to. After collaborating for Haas’ new album – in a world premier – the two will perform together for the first time live at »Pop-Kultur«.  (Tickets, time table)

Later that night Kane West will deejay at Panorama Bar. And no, we didn’t forget the »Y«. Kane West is really called Kane West. That also clarifies who’s got the best stage name in the program – Ah, what the heck: in the whole season. The London based producer and DJ is part of the PC Music-clique, that is currently showering the pop world with digital cuteness and ecstatic keyed up plastic-hyper-trance beats. His sound? Well, let’s say, it is the audio equivalent to a rainbow stroboscope. (Tickets, time table)

The final night of the festival (which will be Friday’s) will also Dave Haslam, legendary DJ of the as legendary Factory Records-and-NewOrder-run Fac 51 The Haçienda, deejay until the bitter sweet end at the very same place. (Tickets, time table) Haslam will also read from his new book on the history of British club culture, »Life After Dark«, at Schlackehalle, where he will host a talk and reading with New Order’s Bernard Sumner prior to his own appearance. (Tickets, time table)

But let’s move on to a group of 150 young talented people from all over the world who are neither history nor part of our line-up – not yet at least. Among almost 400 applications our professional jury has the selected the participants for the first ever edition of our workshop programme »Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs«. Taking place from August 26 to 27 the programme will see the newcomers meet and learn from experts such as Matthew Herbert, Kiasmos, Matt McDonald and many others at the workshops of the Bühnenservice der Stiftung Oper in Berlin next to Berghain. Already now you can visit our updated www.pop-kultur.berlin/nachwuchs to have a look on the new online platform we created for the participants. Here they can not only get in contact with each other beforehand, but also introduce themselves and their work to the public. On the platform’s starting page our team will feature the weekly highlights from the community from now on. For the start we feature contributions by Berlin-based musician Ava Bonam, Karachi-native and producer Tollcrane and the multi-talent that is Julia Vorkefeld, who shared a live set by her band Dinger with us. Germany’s always critical opinion-leading pop-culture publication SPEX has already put Nachwuchs-participant Fatime Kosumi on their site after they discovered her here.

And for the record, some numbers on »Pop-Kultur Nachwuchs«: 84 young women and 66 men from 23 countries will participate in the 31 workshops during two days. Among them are 27 cultural journalists, 80 musicians, DJs, and producers, and 43 club or festival promoters. Enough reasons to get excited for the programme’s outcome, don’t you agree?