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Dr. Tom Fritz, Norbert Bisky / 17.30 – 18.20

Why does making music create such euphoria? How does it impact the human brain? And how can we use it in motor rehabilitation or even in the therapy of Alzheimer’s? Dr. Tom Fritz is head of the research-group “Musikevozierte Hirnplastizität (Music Evoked Brain Plasticity)” at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig and is occupied with exactly these kinds of questions. To him, the composing of music is part of the therapeutic approach.
Painter Norbert Bisky can absolutely confirm the strong influence of music on his own work. The paintings of Baselitz-disciple Bisky – ranged by summer-sun-bodies and anonymous powers – have been exhibited on five continents and can for instance be viewed at the MoMa in New York. They have all been created to a soundtrack that has been attuned to his work. He is an old acquaintance of the Berghain, as he designed an impressive stage set for the Ballet »Masse (Mass)« at the Halle am Berghain, for which he had to delve deeply into the DJ- and club-culture. Last year Norbert Bisky and music producer Henrik Schwarz exhibited the ambient-sound-installation »Zentrifuge (centrifuge)« at the Kunsthalle Rostock (Rostock Art Gallery).

Dr. Tom Fritz: Website
Norbert Bisky: Website

Photo: Nico Woehrle

Balbina (DE) / 18.30 – 19.30
World premiere

Balbina’s »Über das Grübeln (About Brooding)«, released in April, has already been named »German pop-album of the year« by SPIEGEL ONLINE. The Berlin based musician caught people’s attention with her very own peculiar vocal- and lyrical rhythm, as well as a soft spot for the soft things in life: boredom, soap, goldfish. Her lines skillfully fold one surface above the other and suddenly reveal life’s painful truths. She stops time, but simultaneously offers new starts on the horizon. Pleasantly dithering, Balbina floats through realms of opportunity. Even the music seems to be so taken, that it mostly stays in the background. At »Pop-Kultur«, the lyricist and singer with the distinctive geometric and rigid outfits will read poems, some of which are so far unreleased. Her poems are looking for answers to life’s great questions in the smallest everyday occurrences.