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Photo: Robin Hinsch

Schnipo Schranke / 19.40 – 20.20
World premiere

Daniela Reis and Fritzi Ernst met at a college for music and theatre. Last year they made every pop-connoisseur between the rivers Oder and Ems sing about the taste of genitals. With »Pisse (Piss)«, a name as hearty as the dish their band name derives from (Schnipo Schranke is a colloquial term for a dish of Schnitzel and French Fries with Ketchup and Mayonnaise), they managed to create a surprise hit. End-of-the-year lists don’t lie! Accompanied by swaying chanson-beats, Schnipo Schranke let us in and show of their scars and deficiencies in such a tragicomic way we can’t stay untouched. Supported by Rocko Schamoni, they’ve been signed by Buback Records, from the Park Avenue of German indie music landscape. At »Pop-Kultur« they will exclusively perform songs from their upcoming debut »satt (full)«.


Photo: Ulrika Walmart

Mary Ocher + Your Government / 18.40 – 19.20

That voice, that singing… Should your life be dull, fossilized, lame, in a word: boring, you’d be stupid not to attend this show! Mary Ocher, though young of age, has been all over the world and eventually ended up in Germany. Since then she makes the air and our hearts vibrate. For a TV-show on the »arte«-program, she met Sasha Grey, and brought the protagonist of the Sibylle Berg novel »Vielen Dank für das Leben (Thank you for this life)« to life on a reading tour. Her albums are fragile art works of an ethereal, confident beauty. Her shows are almost DIY-operas and her backing band Your Government includes no less than two drummers.

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