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Foto: Pierre Stroêska

Disco Anti Napoleon / 19.40 – 20.20
German premiere

DAN, or written out: Disco Anti Napoleon are from Nantes. The city is well known from the Tour de France: always looking good. Oh, and they’ve got that mediocre football club – and that amazing psychedelic-rock-outfit, that makes you want to take off from the ground immediately. Escapism means overthrow means Disco. Parallel to that, the members of DAN quickly digest their own youth with songs like »Girl«, »Gremlins« and »UFO«. Their exuberant debut album »Ascent« is the objectified effervescence.

Sky Walking / 18.40 – 19.20

The supergroup, that doesn’t want to be one. The new uncut diamond from Dial Records, Sky Walking, is existing for six years now. The first five of which, were spent mostly in camera. But at some point, Dial-cofounder Peter Kersten a.k.a. Lawrence, Christian Naujoks and Richard von der Schulenburg a.k.a. RVDS had to show their colors: Last autumn they released the Sky Walking debut. It was produced in rather loose recording sessions under heavenly conditions (»the rotten studio in the backyard of a record store in Hamburg, including a weird collection of instruments, some Russian microphones and the saddest sounding steel drum«). This spontaneity produced a charmingly frayed sound that, live as well as on the record, forms thousands of tiny tentacles that grab and pull you deep into the subtle flamboyance that is Sky Walking.