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Messer / 00.20 – 01.20
World premiere

Neon light soaks through faded plastic emblems, the motor is a prominently growling bass guitar and a psyched voice conjures morays, ghosts and inscrutable polyglots. On their first two records, the quintet Messer (knife) wove a narrative as dense as a whole library. Meanwhile, spread all over the country from their hometown of Münster, to Hamburg and Berlin, the band stays on its singular path, fighting of the music press and their historic comparisons. The fact that tour-percussionist Manuel Chittka now is a fixed band member, makes their sound even more diverse. You need proof? Watch them perform brand new and unreleased material in the Berghain Cantina.

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Photo: Albert Manau

MOURN / 23.20 – 00.00
German premiere

Catalonia in da house! The two musicians Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas came to Barcelona all the way from the coastal province of El Meresme. In the big city they teamed up with Antonio Postius and Leia Rodríguez to make some noise. This selection of under-20’s is somewhat a DIY-four-people-La Masia, that has quickly been signed by the top shelf US-label Captured Tracks. It’s really just like in football: Bueno, daughter of the respected but little known musician Ramón a.k.a. New Rameon, seems to be able to make an international rock career out of her inherited talents and musical education. The debut album is of the same name as its creators. The songs are short, smart and simply good. They scathe pimpled wannabe machos, brain suddenly tastes like cotton candy and they ask previously unheard questions: »What should I go live in, if I can’t go swimming?« MOURN will bring us the answer for the first ever time in Germany at »Pop-Kultur«.

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Girl Band / 22.20 – 23.00
German premiere

Dara Kiely, Alan Duggan, Daniel Fox and Adam Faulkner are frauds! Their band name? A farce! »The Early Years«? It’s not a retrospective/ collection of b-sides, but the title of one of their first EPs. The four Irishmen hit us like a knife-riddled tornado. They perform hard dub-techno in the likes of Blawan’s music and play carefree as if they invented heavy guitar music. There’s almost no need to mention, that we are very much looking forward to their debut album, which Girl Band will introduce live at the festival.

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