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Kero Kero Bonito / 00.20 – 01.20
German premiere

Something big is going down in London again. On the banks of the Thames, they are infusing western music with obsessively cute J-pop-teachings and they have stopped differentiating between the on- and the offline-world. The two Brits Gus and Jamie looked for a rapper on a bulletin board for Japanese London expats. They found a couple of old guys – and Sarah. In Kero Kero Bonito she now raps about flamingos, selfie-philosophy and her gaming-skills in a mix of English and Japanese. The escorting music: sparkling bubble-tea-pop with fair amount of carbon dioxide. Is this the future?

GABI / 23.20 – 00.00

Gabriele Herbst is classically educated on the piano, the clarinet, the gamelan as well as Balinese dance. The New Yorker spent parts of her childhood in Indonesia, but graduated from the renowned Bard College Conservatory of Music. To her, pop is as fascinating as chamber music, thus she recorded her first album and released it as GABI on Daniel Lopatins Software Records. Lopatin, otherwise known as Onewohtrix Point Never, also co-produced »Sympathy«. Werner’s minimalistic, transparently rendered lyrics float on the light feedback-sound like the stage directions of a heavenly opera.

Cummi Flu / 22.20 – 23.00

»Z« has become a lesson in musical cultivation. For his mysterious dubs, the Belgian Oliver Doerell, appearing as Cummi Flu, in fact uses whatever is close. In this case: rubber bands. His songs swim upstream. The grove entwines and towers the shores until a bend as bright as day suddenly opens up… The hypnotic effect, this music from the workbench has to offer will be underscored by a performance of the shadow dancer Lady Ived.